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The Building a Fundable Company program offers four days of small group instruction that covers all the bases of creating a business that meets the requirements of angel investors. Each course is led by seasoned professionals with deep experience and qualifications in their areas of expertise. Each presenter illuminates vital, practical, and relevant knowledge covering the topics below in an interactive setting, ensuring that your specific questions get answered. Class size is limited to facilitate highly interactive and engaging sessions.

Bryan Brewer, Keiretsu Forum Academy Executive Director


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Gain Confidence
You’ll learn the right way to create and grow your business to make it attractive to angel investors. This makes it a lot easier to raise funding.


Expand Your Network
You’ll make new contacts with attendees and faculty members. Plus you can choose the option to attend events where you can network with investors. And you can upgrade to receive one-on-one mentorship from a Keiretsu Forum member.

Save Time and Money
Do it right the first time to avoid the high costs of cleaning up mistakes. You’ll also learn strategies to preserve value in your company.


Comments from recent attendees:

“I want to express my gratitude to Keiretsu Forum Academy for the excellent Building a Fundable Company course. I’m the founder of a video game startup company that needed to develop a new strategy to succeed after two years of stagnant sales. This course brought a full-spectrum approach with experts in marketing, sales and investment that helped me re-pivot my plans and product to align with success.”

“But it didn’t end there. The Keiretsu Forum connections in the Seattle entrepreneur and investor network meant I got access to mentorship and networking opportunities, which proved vital in building out my plans and product. Just two months after the completing the course, we have announced our new product and are already getting more press attention and excitement than anything we’ve previously had. I’d gladly recommend this course to any entrepreneur looking to get a jumpstart on their new venture.”


- Charles Cox, Founder/CEO of 4gency, LLC

“When I first heard of the Keiretsu Forum Academy, I was skeptical that it would provide enough new material to make it worth my while. I’ve had a front seat with a successful start-up through IPO, done some angel investing on my own, and was able to help successfully secure VC funding during difficult times in Silicon Valley. But when I saw the impressive lineup of guest instructors, I decided it might make a good refresher. It exceeded my expectations and was well worth the time and tuition. The instructors were uniformly excellent. The wealth of experience, professionally delivered material, and spot-on relevance make the course a valuable investment for any early stage entrepreneur.”


- Morgan Brown, CEO, Whole Water Systems



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Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015 Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2015 Tuesday, Mar. 10, 2015
  • CEO Roles & Responsibilities 
  • Avoiding Formation Pitfalls
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Growing Sales
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Valuation
  • Exit Strategies
  • Understanding the Term Sheet
  • The Fundraising Process
  • Maximizing Your Fundability
  • Connecting with Investors
  • Giving Your Pitch
  • Closing the Deal


CEO Roles & Responsibilities - As CEO, you will be called upon at various times to lead with vision, build and manage your team, negotiate deals, raise money, work with board members, and represent the company brand. This course helps you discover the essence of these roles and how to handle multiple responsibilities over time.
Avoiding Pitfalls with Formation and Compensation - Learn how to navigate the numerous legal and practical considerations of forming your company, documenting employee agreements, and allocating compensation to team members.
Accounting: Setting Up Book, Forecasting, and Projections - Starting off on the right financial footing is essential to long-term success. Set a firm foundation for creating and interpreting financial statements, and learn the keys to making realistic projections.
Marketing Strategies - Get tips on defining and quantifying your target market. Review the basic elements of your go-to-market strategy, and get grounded in best practices of leveraging the right partners and media to reach your audience.
Growing Sales - Review your options for developing effective channels that will give you early and sustained traction in closing sales. Plan your sales strategy for the most effective use of your resources to create satisfied customers.
Protecting Intellectual Property - Protecting intellectual property is essential for maintaining competitive advantages and building long-term value for an acquisition event. Emphasis will be on patents, and will include info on trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
Valuation - Learn the preferred method for establishing your pre-money valuation that will resonate with investor expectations.
Exit Strategies - Angel investors look for a way to get their money back. This session covers various plausible exit strategies and their effect on your deal.
Understanding the Term Sheet - The various terms that may be a part of a preferred stock offering and a convertible note are discussed so that you can effectively negotiate with investors who are funding your round.
The Fundraising Process - Learn the key steps in the process of getting angel investors to finance your business.
Maximizing Your Fundability - This session covers the key components of fundability that investors look for, and gives suggestions on how to improve your likelihood of funding.
Connecting with Investors - Learn the three primary methods of reaching investors, and develop your fundraising strategy based on your strengths and your business appeal.
Giving Your Pitch - Your investor pitch needs to get angels excited about you and your company. Learn what content should be in your pitch and get tips for delivering an effective presentation.
Closing the Deal - Discover insider secrets about how to get investors to make the decision to invest in your company.

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Doug Batey, Owner, Stoel Rives LLP. Doug has more than 30 years of experience advising and representing startup and early stage entrepreneurial companies on legal and business issues, including mergers and acquisitions; corporate, securities and commercial law; technology licensing, and corporate governance. He is also the primary author of the Stoel Rives blog concerning the law of limited liability companies ( Follow Doug on Twitter at @LLCLawMonitor


Bryan Brewer , Founder, Funding Quest. Bryan has advised hundreds of startup clients since 1999 in the areas of business plans, investor pitches, and funding strategies, helping them raise well over $20 million in angel funding. He also leads the popular Funding Quest One-Day Workshop entitled How to Get Angel Investors to Finance Your Business. Follow Bryan on Twitter at @FundingQuest


Tom Broetje , Partner, CFO Selections. Tom is a veteran finance expert for startup companies, having founded CFO2Go in 1991, which merged with CFO Selections in 2013. He and his staff offer part-time financial services that include financial projections, bookkeeping and accounting, and cash flow management. Follow Tom on Twitter at @TBroetje


Nat Burgess President, Corum Group, Ltd.. Nat has a diverse background in law and in technology mergers & acquisitions. He previously worked for the SEC, Morgan Stanley, Activision, and his own startup, Postcard Software. He joined Corum Group in 1996 and helps guide the sale of software companies. Follow Nat on Twitter sat @TechMergers


Caitlin Cameron , CEO, Otometrix Medical Technologies, Inc. Caitlin is now leading her sixth startup as CEO, having brought five previous companies to successful exits. She has exceptional skills in organizational management and development, team leadership, and results attainment through revenue growth and cost containment.


Steve Fisher , Member, Foster Pepper PLLC. Steve has 20 years experience as a business transactions attorney with special emphasis on the protection, licensing, distribution and commercialization of intellectual property assets, including technology transfers from universities. He has received numerous awards, including Best in the Business: Leading Lawyers in the Puget Sound Region, Seattle Business magazine Technology, 2013. Follow Steve on Twitter at @FisherSteve


John Jerome , President, Jerome, Bruhn and Associates. John is a veteran entrepreneur, investor, and marketing guru. He has more than 30 years experience in advertising, branding, positioning, and marketing strategy & implementation. He has advised and coached numerous successful early stage companies. Follow John on Twitter at @JohnJerome


Dave Jones Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Altus Alliance LLC. From an early background with IBM and Oracle, Dave has gone on to consult with numerous early stage companies to help them grow revenue. He co-founded Altus Alliance in 1999, and has since assisted emerging businesses in reaching revenue inflection through strategic consulting and hands-on execution.


Loren Lyon , President, MegaBess US Inc. Loren is a serial entrepreneur who has served as CEO and executive consultant to numerous startup companies, and was named the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Manufacturing for the Northwest Region in 2005. He leads the Eastside Chapter of Keiretsu Forum Northwest.


Nathan McDonald , President, Keiretsu Forum Northwest. Nathan has dedicated much of his career to stimulating growth-stage capital investment and promoting entrepreneurial development. His leadership and personal networking skills combined to quickly build the Northwest Region of Keiretsu Forum into the fastest growing angel investment group in the nation, adding over 600 investor members and facilitating over $110 million in funding for over 180 companies. He is President of the University of Washington Entrepreneurship Alumni Network. Follow Nathan on Twitter at @NateMcdonald


Adam Phillipp , Founder and Patent Attorney, AEON Law. Adam is a technology patent expert, and his firm builds high-tech Intellectual Property portfolios with clients and counsels them on business-savvy IP strategies. The firm handles patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and related transactions and licensing. Follow Adam on Twitter at @MyPatents


Vin Ricci , Member, Foster Pepper PLLC. Vin is a corporate attorney with almost twenty years experience representing early stage life science and technology companies, venture capital firms and angel investors. Experience includes financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, public company reporting and disclosure, cross border transactions and general securities law and corporate matters.


Kurt Rylander , Managing Attorney, Rylander & Associates PC. Kurt has more than 15 years experience heading a full service intellectual property law firm handling patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property and related litigation. Kurt is the author of several articles on intellectual property law and strategy. Follow Kurt on Twitter at @rylip


Doug Schulze , Managing Partner, Altus Alliance LLC. Doug has more than 25 years of experience helping new ventures grow revenues and sales efficiency in new markets with both Fortune 50 and start-up companies. For the past ten years he has focused on helping companies with early strategy development and execution in sales and business development, specializing in revenue traction. Follow Doug on Twitter at @Dougs2tall


John Suryan , CEO, Tether Technologies, Inc. John is a serial entrepreneur who founded Office, a successful web portal for connecting business tenants with office properties. In 2012 he joined startup Tether Technologies as CEO to lead the company in producing and manufacturing an electronic key tethering device aimed at the building security market. Follow John on Twitter at @JohnSuryan



Thomas Metz Owner T. V. Metz & Co., LLC. Tom has a diverse corporate finance background. He founded T.V. Metz& Co., LLC in 1983 and has been an investment banker for more than 32 years. Previously he invested venture capital for an investment firm and managed new business projects for the Gramark Co., a private holding company. He held positions in finance with the DeLorean Motor Co. and computer sales with IBM. Mr. Metz has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Oregon and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. He was an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Lewis and Clark College and is a frequent speaker on mergers, acquisitions and entrepreneurial topics. Tom authored a book entitled Selling the Intangible Company—How to Negotiate and Capture the Value of a Growth Firm, which was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2009. 

Gary M. Myles, Ph.D. Member at Lowe Graham Jones. As a biotechnology patent attorney, Gary drafts and prosecutes patent applications for a broad range of life sciences inventions and develops intellectual property strategies for university, non-profit, start-up, and mid- and large-cap bio/pharma clients in the life sciences and agricultural industries. Gary also formulates freedom-to-operate, non-infringement and invalidity opinions and performs intellectual property due diligence reviews. His areas of technological expertise include molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, virology, cell biology, immunology, nanotechnology, and personalized medicine. Follow Gary on Twitter at @Gary_Myles
Joe Wallin, partner, Davis Wright Tremaine. Joe focuses his practice on emerging, high growth, and startup companies. Joe frequently represents companies in angel and venture financings, mergers and acquisitions, and other significant business transactions. Joe also represents investors in and acquirers of businesses, and provides general counsel services for companies from startup to post-public. Joe is the founder and editor of Follow Joe on Twitter at @JoeWallin


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Bryan Brewer

Executive Director, Keiretsu Forum Academy 



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