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Newly Updated! Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Application/Fact Sheet (MS Word)

Our community of accredited private equity investors typically involve themselves in a wide range of deals, including such sectors as software, telecom, health/life sciences, biotech, real estate, mobile applications, gaming and entertainment, consumer products and other high growth areas.

Throughout the Keiretsu Forum process, entrepreneurs enjoy:

  • Exposure to Keiretsu Forum members - accredited private equity investors, VCs and resource partners
  • Access to a wealth of feedback and insight to help the entrepreneur refine his/her presentation and business plan
  • A portal into the markets, relationships, and executive talent found within the international Keiretsu network

For more information regarding the many benefits of presenting your company to the Keiretsu Forum membership, please click here: BENEFITS

For additional details and other information pertaining to entrepreneurs, contact contact Keiretsu Forum Northwest Entrepreneur Director, Harold Lee, at Harry@keiretsuforum.com.

We also recommend that you read the article "How Entrepreneurs can be Successful Presenters to Investors" from Ed Harley, Chair Emeritus of the Keiretsu Forum Software Committee on how to make a successful presentation.

The Deal Flow Process

Keiretsu Forum members recognize how challenging it can be to obtain funding. Companies interested in presenting to Keiretsu Forum follow the process outlined below. As the screening process is quite rigorous, we invite companies to speak with us directly to get a better understanding of the process before applying to present. The screening process is below:

I. Submit a Fact Sheet

Our quality deal flow comes from our community of members, VCs, universities, government institutions, legal and accounting firms. The entrepreneur applies to the Forum via submitting a fact sheet. The fact sheet provides us with key company information to help us make decisions moving forward to subsequent steps within the screening process.Email the completed Fact Sheet to Entrepreneur Director Harold Lee, at Harry@keiretsuforum.com.

Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Application/Fact Sheet (MS Word)

When applying, do not include confidential information.

II. Pre Screening

Upon receipt of the application, the company is reviewed by the Keiretsu Forum review committee (comprised of Keiretsu staff and members). Based on the committees' recommendation, 7-10 companies are selected to present at the Deal Screening. This process can take 4-6 weeks from the time of submission and the company is notified of the result.

III. Deal Screening

The pre-selected applicants make a 15-minute presentation in front of a screening panel of about 25 Keiretsu angels, VCs, and affiliates. After all presentations have been given, the panel decides on which deals are to present in front of the full forum. Typically, the top 3 to 5 deals are selected. Presenting companies are notified of the outcome within 24 hours. The selected companies are then scheduled to present to the full forum which typically is 1-2 months from the date of the screening.

IV. Full Forum

Here, the entrepreneur has 20 minutes to present and answer questions (10-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute question and answer period). After all presentations have been given, entrepreneurs are excused from the forum and members commence a discussion of the presenting companies. Each presenter is brought back after the member discussion to answer a final question. Each member completes a 'gold sheet' to indicate if they are interested in a company.

V. Due Diligence

With Keiretsu Forum as liaison and facilitator, the presenting company connects with Keiretsu members who indicated interest on their gold sheet and begins the six to ten week due diligence process.

VI. Multi-Chapter Investing

After a company has presented to the chapter in the closest geography and has received investment interest traction from members of that chapter, the company then has the unique opportunity to present to other chapters of their choice. Members of each chapter conduct their own due diligence and make their own investment decisions; however they benefit greatly from shared due diligence.

For additional details and other information pertaining to entrepreneurs, contact contact Keiretsu Forum Northwest Entrepreneur Director, Harold Lee, at Harry@keiretsuforum.com.