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More than an Angel Group

Keiretsu Forum goes beyond simply funding start-ups. It is a community of private equity investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs. We provide invaluable contacts, serve on boards, and provide strategic alliances to our entrepreneurs. Keiretsu Forum also provides high-caliber speakers addressing investment topics. Our members are CEOs, VCs, active private equity investors and serial entrepreneurs.

We enjoy close relationships with VC firms, investment banking institutions, universities, and government institutions. These associations enable what is termed “swarm intelligence” and facilitate access to talent, technology and resources to establish a successful venture.

At Keiretsu Forum we encourage our membership to look at the entrepreneur from 3 different perspectives:


Members possess financial and corporate development expertise that can be transferred to presenting companies. Often more than funding, an entrepreneur is in need of strong leadership to keep the company moving toward success. When looking at deals, members are encouraged to take initiative in sharing their experience within the forum and during due diligence with the entrepreneur.


Funding is no longer based solely on good ideas. Start-ups are now required to validate their opportunity with customers, markets and profitability. Members are encouraged to share their marketing expertise with entrepreneurs.


While the funding that goes into a start-up is a necessary part of company progression, it is secondary to a thorough understanding of capital structure, pre and post-money valuation, funding requirements and a clear path to exit. In addition to sharing mentoring and marketing expertise, members are invited to contribute their financial aptitude as well.

Keiretsu Forum is not a fund and does not invest as an LLC. Members bring investment deals forward, collaborate on due diligence, but make individual investment decisions. Because members are accredited investors they understand the complexity, risk and illiquid aspects of private equity investing.

Becoming a Keiretsu Member
The membership at Keiretsu Forum consists primarily of successful serial entrepreneurs who are accredited private equity investors, VCs and corporate/institutional partners. They understand the risks and rewards associated with early stage funding and, when brought together during monthly forum and social activities are able to strengthen ties of mutual interest, fellowship, and support. Keiretsu Forum members are accredited investors as that term is defined in Regulation D under the 1933 Act and under other applicable securities laws and regulations.

Learning from Leaders
Keiretsu Forum invites guest speakers, business leaders of the region and beyond, that address current market trends and economic issues significant to the investment community.

Bringing Structure to Angel Investing
Typical early stage private equity investing is carried out with very little attention to formalities. In contrast, Keiretsu Forum provides members with a disciplined approach to ensuring quality deal flow. Members collaborate in screening candidate companies, enabling greater depth and breadth to the due diligence process. Members are then free to make their own investment decisions. In fact, Keiretsu Forum does not invest as an entity.

Lending Support to Angel Investors
Keiretsu Forum is the home of swarm intelligence, the result of a culmination of years of investing experience woven among a myriad of business and entrepreneurial backgrounds. This is critical in the area of angel investing, where often there is no current validation of a company’s value proposition. Members from diverse business environments are able to immerse themselves in a pool of wisdom and resources in making investment decisions. Members enjoy mutual support and fellowship through monthly forums and social events, as well as an ongoing relationship with Keiretsu Forum staff, before and after investments have been made.

Keiretsu Forum and Philanthropy
Keiretsu Forum is also about being a collective force for good in building our region, both through philanthropic giving as well as the lending of time and talents to develop our community. Our members are undoubtedly leaders prior to becoming Keiretsu Forum members, either by having built their own companies successfully or because they already participate in a number of causes. Keiretsu Forum is a place to consolidate those activities or collaborate on new ones, utilizing existing skills within the organization.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Keiretsu Forum Member, please contact us.