Due Dilligence Roadmap


If followed closely, this checklist defines the 10-14 week due diligence process. Weekly updates initiate the company's timeline. Organization from the entrepreneur is key.

Stage 1 – Organization (Week 1 and 2)
❑ Entrepreneur Sets Up Navigable Deal Room
❑ Kick Off Call
❑ DD Team Recruited and Solidified
❑ Weekly Calls and Site Visit Established

Stage 2 – Key Questions (Week 3)
❑ Deal Room Navigation
❑ Entrepreneur Responds to Initial Key Questions
❑ Background Checks
❑ Send Update to Interest List
All standard financial documents and questions are located in Appendix A

Stage 3 – Deep Dive (Week 3-6)
❑ Deal Term Negotiations
❑ Draft Writing
❑ Conducting Site Visit
❑ DD Team Report Drafts Posted

Stage 4 – Reports Concluded and Team Soft Circled (Week 6-8)
❑ Final Report with Verifications
❑ Conference Call with Team and Submission of Final Draft
❑ DD Team Lead Soft Circles Interest

Stage 5 – Continued Membership Engagement (Weeks 8-10)
❑ Official Publication of Report on Keiretsu Forum Database
❑ Update With Keiretsu Forum
❑ Syndication
❑ Publication Accessibility and Ownership

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