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Thank you for your interest in Keiretsu Forum - Apply Online Here

Keiretsu Forum Northwest and Rockies is an accredited professional investor network of 393 members in the Pacific Northwest and Colorado that provides go-to-market funding services for startups. Last year our group and referrals funded 69/84 companies (82.1%) that presented at our forums for a total of $59.3M or $859K on average per company. For 2022 we have in place a comprehensive follow-up plan with 80 strategies and best practices to advise companies on during their raise. Our purpose is to increase to 85% funded companies this year. We’ve been doing this since 2005, and we would like to help you raise the capital you need.

Companies that do exceptionally well presenting to our investors meet the following criteria:

* Traction: $500K+ in revenue (or close to clinical trials if Life Science).

* Experience raising capital from Angel Investors.

* Very familiar with our process (download here).

We would like to help your company raise capital. Please take a careful look at our success factors and process. If your company fits the above criteria and you believe we may be a good fit for this round of funding, send us a copy of the company pitch deck and executive summary to

Keiretsu Presenting Process

Our quality deal flow often comes from our community of Members, Sponsors, and Community Partners including universities, government institutions, and entrepreneur groups. If you are interested in presenting to Keiretsu Forum, there is a simple, highly structured process to go through to ensure that the best companies have the best opportunities to raise capital. As the process can be rigorous, we invite companies to speak with us directly to get a better understanding of the process before applying to present.


Step 1: Email your Pitch Deck PPT and Executive Summary to Juan Arango, Entrepreneur Director at (Free)

Our pre-deal screening process involves assessing your company's match for our fundraising process first. Make sure your company fits the three criteria above and our business model matches your fundraising expectation and budget. If so, please send us your pitch deck ppt and a short executive summary for us to review and get back to you.  You can also Apply Online Here through our deal flow management system.


Step 2: Pitch Coaching / Presentation Training (Free)

At any time register or (watch on demand) for our Presentation Training seminar which occurs every other month on the last Friday of the month from 10:00 am – 11:30 am PT. If you are looking to bring in outside capital to help scale your company, having a clear pitch that explains the value that your company brings to both the investor and the marketplace is key to being successful.  To reserve your spot visit our monthly event calendar for registration link.


Step 3: Be Invited to Deal Screening (Free)

If the prescreening criteria described above is met, we will contact you via email to set up a follow-up call and very likely invite you to our next available deal screening which happens every first Wednesday of the month from 9:00 am- Noon PT. At Deal Screening, we have 40+ of our most active members in attendance. After each presentation, our members discuss the company and vote anonymously. At the conclusion of Deal Screening, we tally the results and the companies that scored the highest are invited to present at the Keiretsu Forums the following month. We provide a report with scoring and feedback for each presenting company for review. Deal Screenings are now held virtually until further notice. Accepted companies will need to pay the Administrative Fee if they wish to continue to the full forums. Confirmed companies are then scheduled to present to the full forum, typically within 1-2 months from the date of the screening based on availability.



Accept Invitation to "Investor Forums" & Pay Administrative Fee

To move forward to the next step, you will need to be invited by our Deal Screening Committee and you will need to determine that our value proposition is a good fit for your company. We will send you a presenter package and an agreement to sign. Once the agreement is signed and the administrative fee is paid you will be able to proceed to Step 4.



Step 4: Pre-Event Coaching 

Once the Administrative Fee is paid, we will provide one-on-one professional pitch coaching, process coaching on how to attract maximum interest during our investor forums, guidance on our Due Diligence Process, and advice on how to make your Term Sheet even more appealing to investors. We are committed to helping you raise substantial capital and our coaching guarantees that your messaging will be well received by professional investors.


Step 5: Present at the "Investor Forums" - Six Chapters + Open House Breakout Sessions

Throughout the Investor Forums or “Roadshow” four main companies will be featured in front of on average 270 unique potential investors with 17-minute presentations (10-min presentation, 7-min Q&A). After each presentations have been given, entrepreneurs are excused from the meeting and members discuss the presenting companies. Each presenter is brought back after the member discussion to answer a final question. Each attendee completes an investment follow-up sheet to indicate investment interest in presenting companies as well as write feedback and questions. The presenting companies are then given follow-up sheets with all feedback throughout the week as well as a list of investors who marked that they were interested in being followed up with. Less-successful companies will attract close to 40 sign-ups with the most successful companies garnering up to 70 sign-ups and more.


Investor Forums are held in 2nd week of every month.

  • Tuesday: Vancouver B.C. / Canada
  • Wednesday Morning: Boulder/ Denver / Rockies
  • Wednesday Afternoon: Bellevue / Eastside
  • Thursday Morning: Seattle / Northwest
  • Thursday Afternoon: Salt Lake City / Boise / Rockies
  • Friday: Portland / Oregon
  • Tuesday Afternoon: Open House Breakout Sessions


All Investor Forums are being held virtually until further notice.


Step 6: Due Diligence

With Keiretsu Forum as liaison and facilitator, the presenting company connects with Keiretsu members who indicated interest on their investment interest sheet and begins the 6–10-week due diligence process.


Step 7: Optional - Update Presentations ("Update" Administrative Fees Vary)

At each Full Forum, we normally feature 1-3 update presentations from past presenting companies in addition to the main four presenting companies. Past presenters pay an Update Presentation Fee to give a 3-minute or 7-minute update to the Full Forum. This includes a 2-page executive summary color insert in company information book and being listed on the investment interest sign-up list (no Q&A session).


After presenting to the six Keiretsu Northwest and Rockies Chapters and receiving investment traction from Members, presenting companies then have the unique opportunity to present to other chapters of their choice around the country or around the world. Members of each chapter conduct their own due diligence and make their own investment decisions, however they benefit greatly from shared due diligence and seeing what traction companies were able to gain from other chapters.


Contact: Please contact Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Director Juan Arango at or (206) 619-2636 with any questions about presenting. Feel free to ask about attending a Forum as a one-time guest to observe our unique process before deciding to start the presentation process.


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