Keiretsu Forum Investment Summit Live from Vancouver Builds Early Momentum for 2024

On January 30, all roads led to the Vancouver Club as six fabulous companies showed up with big ideas in tow. Keiretsu Forum Northwest & Rockies successfully hosted the year’s first hybrid Keiretsu Forum Investment Summit Live from Vancouver.

Over 300 investors joined the event in person and online for an electrifying confluence of cutting-edge technologies, thought leadership and networking. 

Vancouver is one of North America’s most exciting innovation hubs. The Investment Summit embodied the city's spirit, offering a unique platform for investors to screen potential investments. Investor interests were robust as six exciting companies — Ducted Wind Turbines, Mindsets Learning, Melzi Surgical, RockFish, CrisprQC, and Otonexus — shared their innovations and took center stage. 

With diverse opportunities, a high-quality live online broadcast, and an elegant venue for in-person guests, the Summit was a hallmark Keiretsu Forum production. Two special bfor the evening, Praveen K Varshney and Vladimir Tucakov spoke to us about their angel investing philosophy and journey.

 Brianna McDonald, President of Keiretsu Forum NW & Rockies, added:

 "The Summit buzzed with action. It's inspiring to see investors supporting the ecosystem and passionate founders tackle tough challenges. We’re ready to fund the future.” 

The Keiretsu Forum Investment Summit Live from Vancouver was a sneak peek at bigger things in 2024. In a crowded fundraising market where investors call the shots, Keiretsu Forum Northwest & Rockies is committed to quality deal flow for its community of active investors keen on making an impact and supporting the regional ecosystem. It is thankful for the continued support of its community, sponsors, syndicate partners and network.

About Keiretsu Forum Northwest & Rockies  

Keiretsu Forum Northwest & Rockies is a region within the global Keiretsu Forum investor network. It includes chapters in Vancouver (Canada), Denver/Boulder, Bellevue, Seattle, Salt Lake City/Boise, and Portland. Keiretsu Forum Northwest & Rockies has more than 400 members and has invested over $500 million since its founding in 2005. For more information, visit     

 February 02, 2024