Seattle, August 24, 2023 – Healionics Corporation, a pioneer in the field of advanced medical implants, has been awarded the prestigious title of "Most Valued Company" at the Investor Capital Expo 2023. The event, organized by Keiretsu Forum Northwest and Rockies, brought together innovative startups, seasoned investors, and industry leaders for a showcase of cutting-edge technologies and investment opportunities.

The competition was fierce, with a plethora of highly promising startups vying for the top spot at the Expo. Healionics Corporation's exceptional advancements in the medical technology sector and its commitment to transforming patient care set it apart, capturing the attention and admiration of both investors and industry experts.

"It is an immense honor for Healionics to be recognized as the Most Valued Company at the Investor Capital Expo 2023," said Mike Connolly, CEO & Chairman of Healionics Corporation. "This award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team, as well as the potential impact of our advanced synthetic blood vessel and pipeline products on patient lives worldwide. We are grateful for the support and recognition from Keiretsu Forum Northwest and Rockies."

Healionics’ STARgraft synthetic blood vessel is intended to provide a safer, more reliable way to access a patient’s bloodstream during dialysis (a process used to filter waste from the blood of patients with kidney failure).  STARgraft leverages Healionics’ platform STAR® (Sphere Templated Angiogenic Regeneration) biomaterial scaffold which is a breakthrough in bio integration and tissue regeneration. The company has 36 patents issued or pending on its technology and is currently conducting human clinical trials of STARgraft.

"We are thrilled to recognize Healionics Corporation as the Most Valued Company at this year's Investor Capital Expo," said Brianna McDonald, President of Keiretsu Forum Northwest and Rockies. "Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical implant technologies aligns perfectly with the spirit of innovation that we aim to foster through our platform."

Healionics Corporation's win at the Investor Capital Expo 2023 marks a significant milestone in the company's journey towards transforming the medical industry.  With their innovative approach and commitment to improving patient outcomes, Healionics is poised to make a lasting impact on healthcare.

About Healionics Corporation:

Healionics is a clinical-stage company addressing the critical need for safer, more reliable means of bloodstream access to perform dialysis in patients with kidney failure. They have developed a novel vascular graft (synthetic blood vessel), based on a platform biomaterial, that in human studies has demonstrated superior resistance to the two primary causes of graft failure:  occlusion and infection.


About Keiretsu Forum Northwest and Rockies:

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 August 24, 2023