Thank you in advance for your attention to the following best practices and meeting etiquette to ensure an enjoyable online meeting experience for all our participants.  Fostering a positive environment and active participation is the hallmark of Keiretsu and we look forward to continuing that spirit for our online gatherings.

  • Please ensure you have a stable and reliable internet connection in advance of the meeting
  • Laptop/Desktop machines strongly preferred instead of mobile devices. Headphones with a microphone preferred to maintain confidentiality and privacy of all.
  • Take care of any needs beforehand - bio break, food, drink during the meeting. Just like a regular Forum, please no getting up and leaving mid-meeting.
  • Quiet and Confidential atmosphere - no coffee shops, airports, mobile or venues with lots of background noise.
  • Disconnect and be fully present with video on - that means everything else off - Phones off, online chats off, text messaging off, no checking email. We realized this is the hardest item. Please make the decision to fully commit to this before the meeting starts so you are not tempted.
  • Please mute your computer or phone line at the handset level to ensure optimum audio quality.
  • Actively take notes and submit questions to the chat window for the moderator to ask during the Q&A period.
  • Indicate your interest and feedback through the online Gold Sheet response system for investment, due diligence, and resources beyond capital.  This is critical.
  • Respect the speaker - taking turns with one conversation is important for all to get the most out of the meeting.
  • The Moderator runs the show - follow their lead. Moderator chooses speaking order, helps everyone be heard and gets a turn to share.
  • Plan ahead - Think ahead to stop any interruptions during the forum - doorbells, housekeepers, yard care, family coming home, in-office interruptions. Organize your time in advance.
  • Test technology and lighting beforehand - make sure everything works and you can be seen and heard. Don't log in right at start hoping you are set up properly - login 5-8 minutes early to sort out your technology. Our tech team will be online to support you.


Thank you for your feedback and support during this time of transition, we look forward to broadening our Keiretsu community and globally connecting better than ever before to support each other and our portfolio companies.

 March 13, 2020